Clown School

The clown school is organized in Sastamala in the village of Sävi. Sävi's old village schools and the surrounding nature create a new and interesting setting for klovneria. During school, we are looking for our own clown.

Let's play, improvise and have fun in good company. The exercises include physical theater, dance inspiration and performance. You don't need any previous skills, but Clown School is also suitable for those who have done clowning.

Bring an open mind and a playful body. We exercise in the gym, in the field, in the forest and in ditches. Everyone progresses at their own pace or is not progressing. This school does not criticize or compare. This is your own school and you are the principal of it!

As a traveling companion: Kaisa Kortesoja, circus artist, clown, stage manager Kortesoja has worked as a circus professional in Pirkanmaa for a long time. He originally specialized in social circus and has been its director, trainer and developer for as long as social circus has existed in Finland. His special expertise is in meeting people and making art possible and accessible to everyone.