KeSäVäri 2023

Art residency SäVäri is already participating in the Suodenniemi week program for the second time. Last year, we offered performances, art exhibitions and a daily pancake bar during the event. More than 100 people were registered as visitors. This year, our event week has grown a lot in terms of offerings. The weekly program is rich and extensive. Welcome to enjoy KeSäVäri with the whole family!

30.6 at: 18-20 Opening of the KeSäVari art exhibition at the elementary school. Pancake bar open during the opening (cash/mobilepay)

1.7 at: 15-18 Pancake bar and exhibition open (cash/mobilepay). Elementary School

2.7 at: 13:00-13:35 The clowns Alberttiina and Hubert perform in the elementary school hall

"The clown couple Alberttiina and Huubert Korento want to become big world stars. They really want to put on a great show, but how can they do it? The audience will help and finally the world's best circus show is ready!"

Tickets: €10 (cash/mobilepay). Suitable for the whole family.

Pancake bar open after the show until 4:00 p.m. (cash/mobilepay)

4.7 at: 15-17 Pancake bar and exhibition open (cash/mobilepay) Primary school

at: 17-19 community Macrame workshop. Elementary school and yard circle. Let's learn a few macrame knots and make joint artworks with the knots outside, weather permitting. Come with a low threshold! Registration by 2.7 €5 participation fee in cash/mobilepay

Wednesday 5.7 exhibition and panna bar open 15-18 

At: 16.00-17.00 show: Saunanhenki

Introduction: In Säväri's sauna, you will meet the spirit of a real sauna, which casts a spell on healing and successful baths. This sauna experience takes you to the mystique of the past and leaves you feeling relaxed and at ease. Puppet show, duration: max 15 min. After the show, you can stay in the sauna for about an hour. 

Mixed sauna with swim suits on.

Performer Suvi TeerenhoviMax 8 people Price: €5 / voluntary support fee

6.7 at: 18-21 Poetry evening. Let's sit down to words and poems in honor of Eino Leino's day. Let's free the texts from the desk drawer and share the power of literature. If you want, bring your text and share it with us.

Pancake bar and exhibition open during the poetry evening (cash/mobilepay).

7.7 at: 18-19 Piano concert - Juuso Saarinen in the elementary school hall. Voluntary support payment (cash/mobilepay) Pancake bar and exhibition open 17-19.30 (cash/mobilepay)

8.7. PESÄ- The aerial acrobatics act taking place in the forest of Säväri is inspired by the sounds of nature and the songs of birds. Go into the forest: can you find the show? If you're lucky, you might hear a song or see something wonderful - either created by a performer or nature itself. Departure - from SäVäri yard at 15:00 Voluntary support payment mobilepay

At: 15-18 Pancake bar and exhibition open (cash/mobilepay). Elementary School

9.7 At: 13 Hertta Bertta and the Escapees of the Zoo is a musical concert for the whole family in the elementary school hall.

The theme and lyrics of the songs were created by children and adults with a neuro spectrum from a world where things often seem a little different and emotions are sometimes big. Different combinations of letters flash in the compositions and lyrics, the buzzing inner worlds of the head and characteristics that sometimes appear funny and even scary on the outside. The content of the concert acknowledges the entire range of emotions, everything is covered from anger to giggles.
Duration n. 35 min.

Working group and musicians:

 Roosa Hannikainen: "Hertta Bertta": Singing and clowning 

Eero Savela: trumpet, tuba, kajon, glockenspiel, songs 

Tapani Varis: guitar, baritone saxophone, vocals 

Hanna Terävä: direction and production 

Composition and songs and arrangement: working group

After the concert, the working group organizes a workshop where familiar themes from the songs are discussed through music and physical theater techniques with a playful touch. Warm welcome!
Tickets: 10€ Concert 10€ workshop 15€ both

Payment in cash/mobilepay

Pancake bar open 12-3pm (cash/mobilepay)

SäVäri is located at Hako-Ojantie 25, Sävi

 Unfortunately, our facilities are not accessible. However, we can be of help in everything and we strive to make it possible for everyone to participate. Contact us and we will solve the obstacles.

More information: 

phone: 0415116853 

Best regards: Kaisa Kortesoja, Circus Director, KorentoArt ry., Art residence SäVäri