From Fire to Art


The first course is suitable for everyone. You can be a first-timer or already familiar with fire. We start with everyone, considering their skill level. We proceed in peace and everyone gets to carry out fire training at their own pace. The course includes equipment training without fire, safety training, ignition and extinguishing exercises and finally fire rotation with fire equipment.


The second course weekend is aimed at those who have already done fireart. This course is also great as a continuation for those who participated in the first weekend. During the course, we practice fire spinning alone and as part of a group. We practice simple choreographies and finally perform together for an agreed audience/ make a video from the performance.

"The fire to art weekend was indeed a beautiful journey into oneself. And at the same time, voluntarily, and respecting the space of others, a journey to a deeper/opener connection with the others present."

"From fire to art was a warm and versatile artistic journey. I really liked the theater exercises, which gave me new ideas about the use of the body and physical performance. The course allowed you to be yourself and do the exercises in your own way. The instruction on the use of fire-equipments and safety was professional and well guided. A bigger fire came to art. I recommend that you go on the journey with an open mind and throw yourself into the making!"