Who Are We?

Antti-Jussi Kortesoja

media assistant, musician, clown

As a multi-instrumentalist working with music, Kortesoja has been involved in the sound design of many circus shows, as well as in performances and their realizations. He also appears as a regular featured artist. Currently, he works as a music producer for KorentoArt and as a freelance artist. Kortesoja's greatest passion is to combine different forms of art and bind them into a complete emotional whole through the means of music.

Kaisa Kortesoja

circus performer, clown, circus performer

Kortesoja has worked as a circus professional in Pirkanmaa for a long time. He originally specialized in social circus and has been its director, trainer and developer for as long as social circus has existed in Finland. His special expertise is in meeting people and making art possible and accessible to everyone. Kortesoja has founded numerous circus groups with people who need special support. He has an education and years of experience also as a performing artist. He is actively developing his own clown, with whom she performs regularly. Physical theater is closest to Kortesoja's heart. He has directed numerous performances as well as several larger performance ensembles. At KorentoArt, he works as a director of physical theatre, clowning, performance and circus. Activities include guidance of groups, residencies, performances and own artistic work. At the center of all activities is nothing less than changing the world!!

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