Experiences in art

Previous experiences:

"Safe and professional fire art ensemble."

Woman 52, customer service:

"I dived deep into my past. Many centuries into my past lives. I made Fire a friend. An important element that reflects my deepest being."

"Kaisa is the talkative ray of the day and the circus director and AJ is mentally massive and the uber-calm rock. The modesty and attentiveness of the sensory horns speak volumes! A big thank you to the encouraging pair harness and magic happens-SäVär!"

"Wonderful trip. Wonderful new friends. Empowering experience!"

"The fireart weekends brought me closer to my own spouse, who was involved in the weekends. We lacked a common hobby and this was our first thing together. The daughter who participated got an empowering experience of adults and friendship. Also me as a mother."

"The wonderful, deep tasks guided by Kaisa Kortesoja kicked the locks open in the body and mind."

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